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Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stacks are built on secure, optimized infrastructure managed by our engineers.
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Cirrus Seven for Enterprises

Big Data Expertise from proof-of-concept to deployment

Cirrus Seven is the leader in provisioning BDaaS Stacks for analytics systems.

Cirrus Seven BDaaS Stacks free CMOs and analytics teams from the capital expense and high cost of specialized labor that such systems require.

Cirrus Seven’s expertise is in BDaaS Stacks that boost productivity and provide the best overall return on investment. See our customer profiles for details.


Cirrus Seven for System Integrators

Concentrate on what you do best

Cirrus Seven complements system integrators’ know-how by providing managed BDaaS Stacks that exceed customers’ demands for performance and value.

Cirrus Seven provides BDaaS Stacks as a project partner or white-labeled solution.

However we partner, Cirrus Seven lets integrators do what they do best.


Cirrus Seven for Software Providers

Migrate your solution to a high-performance environment

You want to deliver your product on an easily scalable infrastructure, not design, build, and run a BDaaS Stack.

Cirrus Seven’s partners trust us to keep their BDaaS Stack operating at peak performance and reliability, from demonstrations and proof-of-concepts to customer deployments.

Cirrus Seven is the ideal partner for software providers who need to move their solution to a BDaaS Stack.


Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stacks built on secure, optimized infrastructure managed by our engineers.