High-Performance Managed Cloud Infrastructure Solutions


Cirrus Seven has an all new, high performance infrastructure and leads in provisioning optimized systems for the most demanding business challenges.

Bare Metal Servers

If your compute needs require the highest possible performing solutions or if your business is in a regulated industry, then Bare Metal servers are for you. Bare Metal Servers are offered in optimized configurations for specific analytics and other demanding applications.

Virtual Machines

Cirrus Seven takes the typical virtual machine provisioning a step further by creating isolated networks for each client, creating a virtual private cloud.


The latest container technology can be deployed on Cirrus Seven’s infrastructure. For custom development clients, we have CloudPad, a container management framework. Containers can be deployed on standard configurations of Bare Metal and Virtual Machine servers.

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stacks built on secure, optimized infrastructure managed by our engineers.