High-Performance Managed Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Cirrus Seven Cloud


You have a big idea for Big Data and just need fast, secure infrastructure to unleash your creativity onto the world.

Cirrus Seven Cloud Infrastructure brings those ideas to reality.

Leveraging OpenStack, the leader in open source cloud computing, Cirrus Seven provisions virtual private clouds with the optimal configuration of Compute, Storage, Network, and related capabilities for your requirements.


Self-service, optimized virtual machines and bare metal servers provide flexible, scalable compute infrastructure for any customer need from small demo or pilot projects to the largest enterprise deployments. Containers can be provisioned on virtual machines and bare metal servers.

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Cirrus Seven has multiple storage options carved from a large-scale, redundant unified storage subsystem. File System, Object, and Block storage can be ordered and provisioned through the Cirrus Seven customer portal.

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Cirrus Seven puts the highest priority on keeping your data secure. We offer state of the art firewalls, virtual private networks, and dedicated subnets to meet your most stringent privacy and regulatory requirements.

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Network and Data Movement

The core of Cirrus Seven’s cloud is a high-speed software defined network optimized for analytics workloads. Cirrus Seven enables you to move data where it will have the biggest business impact. Our networks are architected based on extensive experience managing huge video, event, and other customer data.

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Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stacks built on secure, optimized infrastructure managed by our engineers.