Why Cirrus Seven?

Our BDaaS Stacks Run with Cirrus Seven Optimized Cloud™ Advantage

We have the expertise and capabilities to provide as much computing power, networking and storage as needed to optimally run your data-driven business. Get Big Data Optimized.

Why Work With Us?

The Nutshell Version

Cirrus Seven is different.

  • We are big data and analytics systems experts.
  • Our optimized systems deliver maximum performance with no wasted resources.
  • Simple and transparent pricing.
  • Prebuilt stacks that deploy in minutes.
  • We understand you need value from data, not thecostly infrastructure to run it.

The Details

Smarter utilization of Resources.

Firms that sell raw performance metrics instead of optimized digital infrastructure too often are wasting resources that otherwise would flow to their clients’ bottom line.

  • Eighty percent of the software moving to the cloud cannot take advantage of the latest multicore technologies. Because of our deep knowledge about how software utilizes IT resources, we know that simply adding more CPUs, servers or “instances” does not always provide a significant speed boost.
  • Cirrus Seven engineers an optimized solution by pushing jobs to the right resources, colocating data and minimizing network needs – variables that are much more important to overall system performance than simply provisioning on the basis of raw performance.
  • Cirrus Seven also provisions the right systems for the other 20 percent that scales with the latest hardware.
  • Our BDaaS Stacks are ready to go in minutes.  You don’t pay for engineering we already have perfected.

Proven Increase in Productivity.

The benefits of the Cirrus Seven Optimized Cloud™ Advantage are substantial. Our work on Adobe Data Workbench has allowed a Fortune 500 Financial Services provider to nearly double the productivity of its analysts – yielding more business value running in optimized environments than on more and/or faster hardware.

Leading Edge Skills and Expertise.

Delivering this kind of performance on the most up-to-date infrastructure requires a rare combination of specialized skills. Cirrus Seven’s staff has the knowledge and experience required to create optimized Big Data analytics for businesses of any size. We are a force multiplier for the CIO functions within enterprises and for system integrators who have difficulty hiring the right expertise or developing it in-house. Software vendors bring their code to us and we bring them to the optimized cloud.

Cirrus Seven uses its unique blend of expertise to build and manage digital infrastructure that provides as much computing power, networking and storage as necessary to best run your data-enabled business.  

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Cirrus Seven billing consists of a simple, easy to understand accounting of a bottom line that you know in advance.  Unlike most of our competitors, with Cirrus Seven you do not need a sophisticated modeling tool issued by the vendor to make an educated guess about what your bill might be each month. Our predictable pricing means that you can easily find out if you save money using Cirrus Seven vs the competition.

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Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Stacks built on optimized managed systems and managed by our expert engineers.