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Cirrus Seven and Datameer Announce Big Data Analytics Technology Partnership

Cirrus Seven and Datameer are partnering to offer the optimized digital infrastructure, big data analytics solutions, and supporting services that data-driven businesses need to launch and operate the most demanding enterprise analytics systems.  Cirrus Seven and Datameer team up to design, build, and operate big data solutions that deliver competitive advantage from better, faster, more complete analysis.

Big Data Runs Faster on Cirrus Seven

Cirrus Seven provides optimized, high-performance computational, network, and storage infrastructure coupled with expert engineering and technology services to help our clients operate Big Data Analytics systems.

We apply our deep knowledge of Hadoop, Datameer, and enterprise analytics systems to provisioning digital infrastructure that reliably makes more data available for analysis faster, and that means competitive advantage for the data-intensive organizations we serve.

Our clients host mission-critical big data analytics systems in our OpenStack-based private cloud. We use the latest container technologies and offer a full range of cloud servers and virtual machines, all provisioned with security as a top priority to ensure your data and insights are protected. Cirrus Seven turns your toughest digital infrastructure requirements into operational systems.

Datameer Simplifies End-to-End Analytics

Datameer is the only proven big data insights platform that quickly transforms businesses into agile, insights-driven organizations in the Technology, Financial Services, Health Care, Retail, Gaming, and Telecommunication industries.

Datameer removes traditional BI barriers and provides an intuitive, self-service big data platform for fluid data discovery that reveals insights in hours instead of months. More than 200 companies including Citibank, Comcast, Telefonica, Workday, and VISA use Datameer to integrate, prepare, analyze, and visualize all of their data, driving significant competitive advantage and unprecedented ROI.

Whether your immediate need is faster, deeper analysis to increase funnel conversion, detect fraud, optimize pricing, or better understand customers, Datameer’s big data solutions running on Cirrus Seven digital infrastructure will create new long-term opportunities for your business to improve operational efficiency, financial performance, customer service, and products and services.

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